Sunday, September 23, 2012

A toast - Happy 6 Months Friends (PCVs 2012-2014 Morocco)!

Time slowly runs and quickly walks. One day goes by and suddenly 6 months are past; now here we are reflecting on our past 6 months living in Morocco. Look at us – overcoming challenges, facing our fears, staying committed, enduring, leading, learning, growing, and simply being awesome.

I remember my second Sunday in country – I was lying next to a napping Arie. It was a cold and rainy March day and I had never felt so alone and sad, so unsure of my place in the world. All I wanted was the warmth of home and family...but that day passed.

I remember my second week in site – it was June and I was hot and sweaty, overwhelmed by real and true culture shock, and covered (head-to-toe) in bed-bug bites. I had never been so frustrated, angry, and distraught, so ready to throw in the towel and quit...but that day passed.

And here we are celebrating 6 months – a great accomplishment – at our IST (in-service training) in Marrakesh with our entire group (staj) of Peace Corps Volunteers. We began our journey together with wide eyes and big backpacks in Philadelphia, and we continue our journey now into our first year. Both Arie and I couldn't be more thrilled, more grateful, more certain to be here doing this work with this awesome group of new friends.
Peace Corps Volunteers (all of them everywhere) are amazing and wonderful people. I love how we are all so different yet so very able to come together in one room with open hearts and bigs smiles, cheering each other onward and forward toward all the challenges and successes that will make up our single Peace Corps experiences. While our individual service – what we achieve in our communities and how we impact the youth we serve – is a focal point, it will also be our relationships and friendships with each other that will be an integral part of our experience.

Cheers friends!